Ultimate Frisbee

Every Friday night beginning on Friday, August 19th, PRSP soccer field will be reserved for Ultimate Frisbee from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

The cost is $3.00 per person.

This is a Co-Ed sport and we encourage all ages to participate.

What is Ultimate?

It’s an exciting, non-contact team sports played by thousands all over the world. Ultimate is an intense sport but it’s also very newcomer friendly. The rules you need to know in order to start playing are easy to pick and we encourage veteran players to teach others as they go.


The purpose of Ultimate is to advance the disc down the field and score in the other team’s end zone.  Most typically, teams will play to 15 points with a halftime once the leading team reaches 7. To score, a pass must be completed in the end zone by the offensive team. The offense can advance the disc down the field in any manner they want. They can throw it in any direction, including backwards.

Beginning Play

Play begins with each team standing at the goal line of their respective end zones, not dissimilar to a kickoff in football. One team throws the disc down the field to the other team and the game begins — this is called a pull.

General Guidelines

When a player has the disc, however, he or she cannot move their feet except to pivot. Pivoting is similar to basketball once you’ve picked up your dribble. That planted foot must stay on the ground as you survey for a pass or shot. Picking it up will result in a travel and a turnover in possession.

The player in possession of the disc has 10 seconds to pass or the defense gets possession. It’s the defender’s responsibility to audibly, and fairly, count to 10 — for example: “Stall one, stall two, stall three, stall four.” Once the defender says “stall ten” then possession immediately switches. If a pass is knocked down, intercepted, or simply incomplete, the defense immediately gets possession of the disc.

Self- Officiated

That’s right! Ultimate enforces a strict Spirit of the Game guidelines that help to ensure that all participating athletes are on their best behavior at all times. There are no officials! All disagreements are settled between the the opposing players. Remember, the most important tenets of Ultimate rely on honesty!


For more information contact: margaret@plexsports.net

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